What is DiskarTech and How to Earn Money From It

By Luis Reginaldo Medilo, Tech Pilipinas

There is a new player in the local fintech scene – and it’s called DiskarTech, which is a combination of the words diskarte (resourcefulness) and tech. But do you know that DiskarTech is not just an e-wallet, it is also a great way to earn some extra money?

DiskarTech is the first Taglish super app powered by the Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC), one of the largest universal banks in the Philippines. Launched in June 2020, the DiskarTech app has already generated over 3 million downloads on Google Play and the App Store.

What differentiates DiskarTech from other mobile wallet apps like GCash and PayMaya is that it uses Tagalog or Filipino, instead of the usual English. RCBC and DiskarTech’s focus on Tagalog or Filipino makes it appealing to the masses, especially those who have difficulties in understanding the English language. The app is not totally in Filipino, however, as English is still used in the app’s interface. That’s totally understandable though as some words like “account” don’t have a suitable Tagalog equivalent.

Another thing that differentiates DiskarTech from its competitors is that it offers a relatively high interest rate of 3.25% per annum. By comparison, a BDO savings account only earns 0.125% interest per annum. DiskarTech offers an even higher interest rate than ING (currently at 2.5% p.a.) and CIMB (currently at 3% p.a.).

Unlike GCash, PayMaya and other e-wallets, DiskarTech also works as a savings account, so every peso that you deposit to your DiskarTech account will immediately earn interest. You don’t have to transfer your cash into a special account to start earning interest.

So despite the fact that DiskarTech is the new kid on the block, millions of Filipinos have already started to use it to save money, pay their bills, buy prepaid load and earn some extra cash on the side. And since it’s backed by RCBC and regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), your money is in safe hands.

Are you interested to learn how to register to DiskarTech and start earning money? Let’s get started!

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