We Can’t Stop Laughing at this Hilarious Halloween Ad by RCBC DiskarTech

By Spot.ph

The commercial starts with a young couple arriving at Tatang’s home looking for a place to stay the night.Tatang opens his home to the couple, whose only concern is “basta hindi malamok!” 

~Slapstick~ humor incoming, as the couple is shown slapping their faces because of mosquitoes. Tatang doesn’t look too happy about his nitpicky guests, he looks sinister.

What’s he up to? Cue the suspense!

Night falls. The couple is tossing and turning in bed, literally ~itching~ to sleep. “Wala bang gagawin si Tatang?” they grumble.

Tatang overhears. Nothing gets past Tatang. He looks like he’s up to no good, as we see him crafting what looks to be a weapon outside.

He opens the door and the young woman lets out a blood-curdling scream as she sees Tatang’s evil silhouette ready to attack her partner! 

Tatang’s Secret is revealed—ang pagiging madiskarte ng mga promdi using the nifty kulambo

The big kicker shows how RCBC’s super helpful DiskarTech App salutes all the madiskarteng promdis who always have a trick up their sleeve to help themselves and others. The commercial is a rollercoaster from start to finish, so hold onto your kalabaws!

Ang promdi, talagang madiskarte!” 

This is why Tatang uses DiskarTech, the only banking app in the Philippines that uses Taglish and Cebuano. You only need one ID to open an account, and nyone can access loans and insurance. DiskarTech is Tatang’s secret to success!

The next day, mahimbing na ang tulog nila. Or so they thought… Because The End is never the end in horror films, right?

Ang Sikreto ni Tatang” is a viral-worthy, hilarious Halloween ad that will surprise you until the last second. It’s already a hit with the online community, as it currently amassed over 1.5 million views (and counting), 2.2 million reach, and 2.7 million impressions on the DiskarTech Facebook page in just one day! 

“Humor and relatability aside, the main point that we wanted to drive with our latest TVC is that DiskarTech is here to make Filipinos’ lives easier, simpler, and more convenient. The usage of the Filipino staple kulambo is a representation of the protection and safety we deliver and that all Filipinos deserve,” Executive Vice President and Chief Inclusion and Innovation Officer Lito Villanueva said.

Celebrating Tatang’s Success

We’re glad to see Tatang back, especially after his award-winning and viral success in last year’s creatively crazy “Utang ni Tatang” viral cow-birth commercial which generated over 6.5 million views.

This ad garnered RCBC’s DiskarTech the prestigious YouTube Works Awards’ The Challenger Award, making RCBC the first Philippine bank to ever receive the accolade! 

RCBC has over 50 regional and global accolades in less than three years under its belt. This includes being cited as the Philippines’ Best Bank for Digital by Asiamoney for three consecutive years and back-to-back wins as the best financial inclusion app by the Financial Technology awards of The Asian Banker.

Get the DiskarTech app today for free! It’s available to download from Apple Store and Google Play Store.

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