SuperApp DiskarTech, unveils news features, makes it easier and useful for users

By: Alithea De Jesus, The Philippine Business and News

Ensuring that PH SuperApp lives up to its name, DiskarTech added helpful features that would make it easier and useful for the end-users.

Hitting its third month this October, DiskarTech became a highly competitive and dynamic mobile financial services app market in the country. Something that is part of their continued innovation.

Launched last July 1, DiskarTech disrupted the fintech industry by offering services to a market thirsty for innovation.  Touting its competitive interest-earning basic deposit account (BDA) and its NegosyanTech member-get-member promotion as its introductory offers, the newest mobile financial app made waves and just breached the 3 Million download mark on its third month.   

“Designed to address the Filipinos’ financial needs, we created DiskarTech. It is designed for scale to promote financial inclusion and digital literacy,” said Lito Villanueva, RCBC executive vice president and chief innovation and inclusion officer.  It provides users a BDA earning 3.25%interest that is not subject to a minimum deposit, maintaining balance, or dormancy fees.  Users can open an account through the app in minutes using any government-issued identification cards. 

Its Taglish interface also breaks down language barriers often cited by ordinary Filipinos as a reason for not utilizing any of the other financial services apps available in the market.  It is also feature-heavy.  Bills payments, money transfers, e-load and gaming pins, even the purchase of Telemedicine packages for online consultation with licensed doctors.  All these are available in the app.  Recently added as well was sachet microinsurance for as low as P20.00 enjoying full cover protection in excess of P70,000 for a period of three months. That’s peace of mind made affordable.

The team behind DiskarTech is working on more app features and updates to improve the user experience and provide relevant services to its growing user base.

Starting October 15, among the new features that millions of DiskarTech users can enjoy include the following:

  • DiskarTech to DiskarTech fund transfer using mobile phone number: No need to memorize or enter the 15-digit DiskarTech account number, you can now send money to other DiskarTech users using their mobile number.
  • Cash-in at 7 Eleven branches by simply scanning a barcode.  No need to enter any account or mobile number in the CLiQQ terminal.  Less hassle, less room for error.
  • Easily spot promotions and updates in the DiskarTech app carousel found on the home screen. Simply tap on the carousel to get more details.
  • Receive push notifications on financial transactions.  This will help you confirm if your transactions are valid and help you quickly spot& report invalid ones.
  • Alignment with QR Ph standards: DiskarTech QR codes will be compliant with the QR codes standards mandated by the Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas.  Funds transfers and payments can now be conveniently done by simply scanning the QR code of the other party.
  • Username retrieval and update: to prevent incidents of blocked accounts, users can now retrieve and nominate a new username in the app.  In previous versions, users will have to send an email to DiskarTech Customer Support to do this.
  • New functionality added for institution partners.  Need to disburse funds, commissions, or wages to members of your organization or company?  DiskarTech will now have the capability to identify and properly transfer funds to your enrolled and identified individuals.

More features are coming in the next months to include a loan and skills marketplace and more.

DiskarTech, regarded by many as a phenomenal and a breakthrough app, made history as the fastest local finance app to reach one million downloads in just a month from its market launch.  RCBC, through the use of DiskarTech, was also tapped by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) to distribute the government’s social amelioration program (SAP) digitally. With the combined platforms of DiskarTech and ATM Go, RCBC has facilitated the digital disbursement of more than Php9.2 billion in government assistance to more than 2.4 million families or approximately 12 million individuals nationwide.

DiskarTech is a digital product of RCBC.  It has merited three global digital awards during the pandemic. It was awarded Best Digital Bank by Asiamoney and Alpha Southeast Asia and by the London-based financial publication The Global Economics Limited for being the Most Innovative Internet Banking Service Provider in the Philippines.

DiskarTech is available for free download via the App Store on iOS devices and Play Store on Android devices. Visit for more details. Follow the official DiskarTech accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube for updates.