RCBC’s DiskarTech named PH’s Most Inspiring Brand

By Alithea De Jesus, The Philippine Business and News

Amid the fear, uncertainty and desperation brought about by the COVID -19 pandemic there’s nothing more refreshing and reassuring than an inspiration to drive you to move forward despite the odds.

Diskartech, the first and only Taglish financial inclusion super mobile app in the Philippines bagged the distinction of being 2020’s Inspirational Brand from the prestigious Asia Pacific Enterprise Award (APEA). The APEA honors business leaders and organizations who have shown outstanding performance in developing successful enterprises while keeping in mind the social responsibility that these successes entail.

With the theme “Accelerating Growth beyond borders” APEA brought together businesses and organizations from 14 countries in fostering sustainable growth among Asian economies especially during this pandemic when not only community health is threatened but also the economic well-being of millions of people.

The Inspirational Brand Award is given to products that are both inspired and inspiring. These are brands that are transformational promoting goodness, wellness and sustainability.

“This award surely inspires us to continue to work on the creation of innovative, inclusive, and interoperable digital solutions aligned to promote financial inclusion among the underserved and unbanked sectors of the Philippines”, said Lito Villanueva, RCBC executive vice president and chief innovation and inclusion officer.

Diskartech is the most recent and ambitious product launched by the digital team of RCBC for financial inclusion. It easily warmed up to the Filipinos, especially the masses, because of its simple and easily understood interface. It is meant for Filipinos who have never experienced banking in their life. Through DiskarTech savings would no longer be a far-fetched idea to the common Filipinos.

Diskartech features could also be used as business tools or services. These services include bills payment, prepaid smartphone loading, money transfers, insurance, telemedicine and more. These services could be rendered on one’s behalf for a fee.

Another benefit of the DiskarTech would be the 3.25% interest per on annum on savings in the financial super app. To make it more enticing to the masses the digital bank does not require a maintaining balance, unlike a regular bank account.

Recently, DiskarTech also added micro-insurance to its portfolio at a very affordable price. Gone are the days when safety and security are lofty aspirations for the common people. With DiskarTech you can be insured for 30,000 pesos for a period of three months.  Soon, a loans marketplace will be added where DiskarTech where entrepreneurs who have established a good credit standing based on their usage can avail of loans to put up a business or for emergencies.  A skills marketplace will also be included in the app in 2021 where enterprising users can promote their services to other DiskarTech users. 

“Financial inclusion does not end with just the opening of a bank account as it is a long and arduous process that would eventually lead to stability and growth for the majority of Filipinos,” said Eugene S. Acevedo, RCBC President and CEO.

The Diskartech inclusion super app is life to Filipinos as it eases their financial burden of during the Covid-19 pandemic. It continues to grow by leaps and bounds as it positions to be the preferred financial app of the masses.

Diskartech has recorded more than three million downloads since it launched in July 2020. For its massive digital push, RCBC has merited four global awards in three months during the pandemic and being named as the Philippines’ best digital bank.

Source: https://thephilbiznews.com/rcbcs-diskartech-named-phs-most-inspiring-brand/