RCBC Diskartech records 145% growth in transactions 

By Manila Standard

Taguig City, Philippines – The world’s first multilingual financial inclusion mobile application in Taglish and Cebuano, RCBC DiskarTech, generated a 145% surge in transaction volume in September 2023 versus the same period last year. 

The growth is indicative of increased usage amongst RCBC Diskartech users brought by the mobile app’s accessibility and aggressive financial literacy campaigns.

RCBC Diskartech’s transaction volume for its bill payments services also grew by 198% and e-loading services by 202%.

These positive numbers are seen as milestones in the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’ goal of digitizing at least 50% of retail payments by the end of 2023. 

The sustained and exponential growth of the multi-awarded financial inclusion application is a product of RCBC’s aggressive investment in fruitful partnerships with grassroots communities, start-ups, mSMEs, and the government. 

“These positive outcomes are borne out of meaningful and strategic collaborations that RCBC have nurtured since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our common goal with our partners in the public and private sectors is to bring financial services to underserved and unbanked communities to stimulate economic growth and multiply livelihood opportunities,” said Villaneuva.

“RCBC has leaped from 8th place in 2018 to 5th place in 2022 in the list of the largest banks because of our daring vision to make financial services available and life-enabling for all. It is our hope that other financial organizations follow our footsteps and partake in the national campaign for financial inclusion,” added Villanueva.

RCBC Diskartech is part of the country’s first phygital (physical-digital) banking solution initiative – RCBC Moneybela Barangayan Banking. Apart from RCBC DiskarTech, RCBC Pulz and RCBC ATM Go are continuously scaled under the campaign with hyperfocus on rural and remote areas.

RCBC was awarded for the fourth consecutive year as ‘Best Bank for Digital’ by world renowned Asiamoney. In addition, the Asian Banker recognized RCBC Moneybela Barangayan Banking as the ‘Best Financial Inclusion Initiative’ for leveraging partnerships with the government to make digital and financial literacy and fintech solutions available to all. RCBC DiskarTech was also recognized by Gartner’s Eye on Innovation Award and YouTube for its out-of-the-box digital campaigns which generated over 17 million views in a few weeks. It was also recently awarded by the Social Security System as a Kabalikat ng Bayan awardee and its best digital disbursement partner for disbursing in excess of Php 6 billion to pensioners, Php 3 billion to individual members, and Php 955 million to employers through RCBC DiskarTech. RCBC was likewise recognized by its peer banks through the Bankers Institute of the Philippines as the Grand Champion for Digital Payments and Financial Inclusion.

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