MEDIA RELEASE: RCBC’s “Madiskarteng Pilipino” Tribute Music Video Reaches Over 1.5M Views

The music video commissioned by RCBC as a tribute to the “Madiskarteng Pilipino” continues to attract the attention of netizens as it reaches over 1.5 million views on Facebook and YouTube in just two weeks since its launch on December 1.

2020 has been very tough for the Filipinos with the ongoing pandemic that has impacted the lives of every Filipino.  The resilience of the Filipino continues to shine and this music video highlights that indomitable spirit that no matter what the odds they continue to rise above the situation. Now that Christmas is just around the corner this song inspires them more to stay positive and steadfast especially on this season of hope.

“That is what set Filipinos apart. We are a very positive people. We are always forward-looking and tend to see the brighter side of things. This song captured that unique quality”, said Eugene S. Acevedo, RCBC president and CEO

The video features vignettes of real-life stories on overcoming life’s challenges. There is Ronald Singalawa who made a makeshift sound-proof room out of egg trays for his son who was a call center agent working from home. The music video also features career shifters as a result of the pandemic like Ria Erika Larios who was laid-off from a cruise ship company but now a full-time online seller.  Maurice Maureen Avila also lost her job as a flight attendant and tried becoming an entrepreneur. Christine Taborda, a working from home mom who is now juggling work with her “mommy duties”. They give faces to the Filipino’s indomitable spirit who do not easily give up and bravely deal with problems.

The song was written by Christine Estabillo as a tribute to Filipinos who bravely face their everyday struggles. They start their days with hope and sustain the belief that “sikap” and “diskarte” will enable them to build better lives for themselves and their loved ones.

It points out how Filipinos should come together in order to face the crisis as a stronger nation. “We’re all in this together. We have gone through difficult times together, so let’s triumph over it together.” When “sipag at tiyaga” are not enough, we should also be matapang and madiskarte, when time calls for it. As the song goes, “hindi sumusuko, hindi papatalo, ganyan tayo, madiskarteng Pilipino.”

RCBC supports the Filipino’s dreams of having a better life. With more of the unbanked and underserved sectors empowered by the DiskarTech app, they are able to take charge of their finances and reach their life goals.

Users enjoy 3.25% interest per annum to encourage them to save more, with a goal-oriented digital savings feature which reminds them to top up their savings to meet their set goals. 

Other DiskarTech features help Filipinos weather the pandemic safely. These include cardless ATM withdrawals, fund transfers, deposits and cash out from thousands of agent partners nationwide. Other convenient services include bills payments to major billers and government services, telemedicine, purchase of airtime load and gaming pins, and quick response (QR) code transfers.  To further equip Filipinos to face the crisis, more services will be introduced soon, such as microinsurance and a learning space to build entrepreneurship skills.

DiskarTech is becoming the preferred financial app of the masses. It has recorded more than three million downloads since it launched in July 2020 exceeding the one million target this year. For its massive digital push, RCBC has merited six global awards during the pandemic including being named as the Philippines’ best digital bank.

With a couple of weeks to go before 2021, RCBC is committed to a more inclusive financial ecosystem by empowering the informal entrepreneurs and make them the new backbone of a surviving, post-pandemic economy.  

“Everybody has to play a role in the recovery of our economy and even the seemingly insignificant small entrepreneurs should be empowered with tools that would make them adapt to the digital financial world. And empowering every Filipino is at the core of our inclusive business”, said Lito Villanueva, Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation and Inclusion Officer.

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