Katok Agency Philippines Creates Deranged Campaign For DiskarTech App Showing The Easiest Way To Loan And Save

By Kim Shaw,  Campaign Brief Asia

Looking to borrow some money for your various needs? Katok Agency Philippines has released this wacky film for DiskarTech explaining how they’re the answer for you.

Choose the best loan to cater to your type of need with Diskartech’s new loans in-app market-place. It’s easy, convenient, and accessible financing right at your fingertips. Be it for small business, agriculture, motorcycles/tricycles, or for multi-purpose, you can find the loan that will suit you.

This is just one of the many features of RCBC’s DiskarTech launched iust last year. Now, almost everything is possible with DiskarTech, which proudly touts that in Filipino “Halos lahat pwede!”

In the last three days, this all-in-one Filipino finance app made waves online for its newest ad ti-tled “Utang ni Tatang” (The Old Man’s Debt) that introduced the special loan feature. The video has amassed over 4M views, 64K reactions, and 18.5K shares across Facebook alone.

The video starts with a farmer hustling to borrow a carabao. When his friend suggests that he buy a tricycle instead, he counters by asking his friend to lend him some money for it.

When his friend declines, a DiskarTech agent makes the grandest entrance. (Note: Don’t worry! No animals nor DiskarTech employees were harmed in the making of this video.)

DiskarTech app, dubbed as “Ang App ng Masa” (The App for everyone), is the first-ever fintech app in Taglish which aims to promote inclusive banking.

“To truly push for inclusivity, we needed to create a product that is easy, simple and relatable to Filipinos. The Diskartech app is in Taglish in order to break the comprehension barrier, and allow banking newbies to navigate it with ease. It’s a financial inclusion super app that allows every Filipino to save, borrow, pay, and even purchase microinsurance and telemedicine services complete with livelihood opportunities. With DiskarTech users spanning across all the 81 prov-inces, and over 70 percent of which are from rural areas, we are committed to continue to bring the unbanked or underserved Filipino into the banking fold,” says Lito Villanueva, Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation and Inclusion Officer of RCBC.

To make the app accessible to more Filipinos, the app is also available in Cebuano and soon, in other Filipino languages –making it another first for an app of its kind.

On top of these, users can also enjoy a 3.25% annual interest on savings with DiskarTech –a rate higher than what most banks offer.

Download the DiskarTech app now! Create your account in minutes, with just one valid govern-ment ID. No initial deposit or maintaining balance required. No dormancy fees.

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