a. What is InstaPay?

A real-time, low-value, electronic payment or credit transfer to other banks. It follows a clear-before-settle arrangement to allow instant confirmation of transaction.

b. Is there a limit to the number of times I can send an InstaPay transaction?

None, but you can only transfer up to P50,000 per transaction or total of P499,999.99 per day.

c. What will I do when my account was debited but an error occured upon sending my InstaPay transaction?

RCBC Online Banking will automatically debit your source account first before pushing this to the receiving account given the clear-before-settle arrangement. if there was an error encountered, depending on the error result, the amount will be automatically reversed and credited back to your account along with the transaction fee. In other cases, reconciliation or reversal will be done on next banking day. You may also check the beneficiary account if the amount was credited since it is possible that transfer successfully pushed through with no confirmation of successful credit from the receiving bank.