Fintech Apps that Stood Out in 2020

By Emman Tortoza, Gadget Pilipinas

2020 has brought significant changes to the way we live, work, and play. As people stayed in their homes, there was also a need to alter our daily routines with technology becoming more important than ever. Smartphones, laptops, and the Internet have become absolute musts in the new normal.

Technology has also been indispensable as far as helping us buy, finance, or acquire all the food, deals, and everyday essentials that have kept us afloat in 2020. Now more than ever, people need fast, safe, and secure ways to conduct their transactions.

A number of fintech apps delivered the goods for us in 2020 and continue to do so as we usher in the new year.Advertisement

RCBC/DiskarTech: making online banking accessible to the ordinary Filipino

Given that PH qualifies as a “sachet economy,” it’s no wonder then that an app that aims to provide “sachet banking services to millions of Filipinos” has quickly gained traction among consumers. RCBC’s DiskarTech has become the go-to banking app of choice especially for those who are first-timers to fintech and are consumers of the tingi tingi variety.

The app’s Taglish interface and easy to understand features make it especially geared for MSMEs, as part of RCBC’s goal to include more small businesses into the financial system and help them go digital.

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